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IOM South Sudan: Weekly Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness Update 5 (27 January to 02 February 2020)

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  • On 31 January, DTM discontinued three FMPs operated in collaboration with DTM Uganda in Oraba, Kerwa and Aweno Olwiyo and activated four FMPs on the South Sudanese side in Kaya (Morobo County, start date 4 February), Owiny Ki Bul (Magwi County, start date 2 February), Kerwa and Pure (Kajo-Keji County, expected start date 6 February).

  • IOM continued with active screening in 17 PoE out of the 20 IOM supported PoEs, namely: Yei airstrip, Yei SSRRC, Kaya,Okaba,Khorijo, Pure, Bazi, Salia Musala, Khor Kaya(Busia), Kerwa, Birigo, Bori, Nimule PoE, Nimule river docking side, Nimule air strip, Wau and Juba International airport.

  • IOM completed construction of latrine stances at Nimule PoE and Nimule docking station. Each PoE has three latrine stances which will be used separately for men, women, and travelers suspected of having EVD.

  • IOM participated in joint WASH/IPC assessment of Lainya Hospital with UNICEF, SSDO, AAH, SSUA and South Sudan Red Cross.


Seventeen FMPs submitted data on time for the weekly update. Based on data submitted by Monday 5 February, 4,998 individuals were surveyed in groups on arrival to South Sudan during the reporting period. The main regions of departure were Ituri (24.2% of respondents) in DRC and Koboko (21.6%) in Uganda, while the main reported counties of destination were Morobo (42.3%) and Kajo-Keji (17.0%). Most respondents reported South Sudanese nationality (65.2%), followed by Ugandan (26.7%).


IOM continues with the daily screening of travelers entering South Sudan from the various points of entry established since the outbreak of Ebola was announced in DRC. In week 5, a total of 66,353 inbound travelers were screened, representing 4.8% increase from week 4 with zero alert reported. The cumulative number of inbound travelers screened since September 2018 now stands at 1,621794. A total of 59 travelers underwent secondary screening showing a 20% increment from week 4. 40 (67.8%) of the travelers who underwent secondary screening had a normal temperature after a second retaking as per the SOP, 13 (22%) had malaria, 4 (6.8%) had acute respiratory tract infection, 1 (1.7%) pneumonia and 1 (1.7%) had dental caries.

IOM continues supporting 7 primary health care facilities around PoEs to improve their capacity to detect and refer EVD suspected cases. The number of outpatient consultation in week 5 was 464, 336 people reached with information on EVD and 30 people screened for EVD in the health facilities.


During the reporting week, IOM continued with EVD awareness and hygiene promotion activities to the communities in and around all the 14 locations (Attende, Marakonye, Yei SSRRC, Gimunu, Morobo, Kaya, Pure, Khorijo, SaliaMusala, Bore, Kerwa, Bazi, Berigo, Busia/Khor-Kaya). Hygiene promotion sessions were held at mosque, water points, markets and households, reaching approximately 5,289 individuals (1,398 men, 1,708 women, 1,132 boys, 1,051 girls) during this reporting week.

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