IOM South Sudan: Wau Protection of Civilians Site - Rehabilitation Update #2 | May – December 2017

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Dignity in Displacement

The Wau PoC site adjacent to the UN Mission in South Sudan (PoC AA) has been a refuge for South Sudanese caught up in large-scale, conflict-driven displacements since June 2016.
Following a large influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in April 2017, IOM Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) launched a three-phase decongestion and site rehabilitation operation in order to

• Ensure dignified living conditions;

• Create contingency space for new arrivals;

• Equitably distribute shelter space and

• Create camp infrastructure and common services.

Progress Update: Phase 1 Completed

In 2017, CCCM made significant progress, completing the first phase of the rehabilitation and nearly finishing the second while relocating 5,452 households, or 25,242 IDPs. While CCCM had originally planned to finish the rehabilitation in 2018, the time scale was prolonged to ensure the orderly handover of shelters.
Mitigation measures included:

• Supplementary community consultations and town hall meetings to increase buy-in for relocation;

• Implementation of biometric verification for shelter assignment and

• Increased concerted engagement through the community governance structure.

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