South Sudan

IOM South Sudan Response to displaced IDPs in Pibor - Flash Report Update #2 | 24-31 May 2021


DTM | Displacement Tracking Matrix

As the situation in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area stabilizes following a wave of violence that displaced over 20,000 individuals between 7 and 13 May, IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) team continued to monitor returns from displacement sites in Pibor town. Out of the 7,015 IDPs estimated across nine sites on 23 May, only 820 remained on 31 May. Pibor Boys Primary School and the former Special Action for Life Transformation (SALT) and Livewell compounds no longer host any IDPs, while only one household remains at Pibor Girls Primary School. The school authorities at Pibor Boys and Pibor Girls are now preparing the premises to resume teaching activities. Most of the IDPs who were sheltering at these locations returned to Gumruk, while a small number joined relatives among the host community or moved to the collective sites in Kundako and Lukurnyang. Based on findings from community group discussion, the majority of the IDPs who remain at Pibor Nursery School, Lukurnyang and Kundako intend to remain in Pibor town as they fear further insecurity in Gumruk.

Information collected remotely by DTM staff suggests that Gumruk centre is hosting displaced population from the surrounding villages as well as recent returnees, but access restrictions have limited the team’s ability to estimate the size of this population. DTM is planning to launch data collection for Mobility Tracking round 11 next week, which will provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation within Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA)