IOM South Sudan Flow Monitoring Weekly Report Key Highlights: 3 - 9 November 2017

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Juba Gumbo Park FMP

  • Demographic data: 1,753 individuals were recorded transiting Juba Gumbo Flow Monitoring Point (FMP) during the reporting period (up from 1,600 the previous week). 914 individuals (52%) were children of which 186 were under five years old (11%). 728 individuals were between the ages of 5 and 17 years (42%). The majority of the transiting population were women (1,050 women making up 60%) while 703 men were recorded transiting Juba Gumbo Park (40%).

  • Arrivals: 759 individuals came from Uganda citing Juba as intended destination. The main reason for movements was reported to be “shortage of food” (68%) followed by “to seek education opportunities” (11%).

  • Departures: 952 individuals were recorded leaving Juba (54.3%) of which the vast majority intended to reach refugees camps in Uganda (851 Inds – 49%). The main reasons for movements were “shortage of food” (65%) followed by “insecurity” (9%) and “to seek healthcare facilities” (9%).

Juba Customs FMP

  • Demographic data: 877 individuals were recorded transiting through the Juba Customs FMP. Among these, 354 were male (40%) and 523 were female (60%). 28 per cent of women were between 18 and 59 years old while 23 percent are girls less than 5 years old.

  • Arrivals: 296 individuals arrived Juba through this location during the reporting period and the majority (281 individuals represented arriving from Uganda and Yei in Central Equitoria) indicated “shortage of food” as main reason for the movement (55%).

  • Departures: 547 individuals moved from Juba with the main destinations being Uganda (253 individuals, or 46%) and Terkeka (151 individuals, or 28%) in Central Equitoria State. The main reasons for movements were “shortage of food” (297 individuals, 54%) followed by “joining the rest of the family” (113 individuals, or 21%).

Bentiu PoC FMP

  • Demographic data: a total of 1,721 individuals were recorded moving in (314) and out (1,407) of the Protection of Civilian Camp (PoC). Among these, 1,280 were women (74%) and 441 men (26%)

  • Arrivals: people entering the PoC mainly arrived from Mayom (17%), Rubkona (13%), Leer (12%), Koch (11%), Mayiendit (10.5%) and Guit (9%). The main reason for movement was cited to be “shortage of food” (37%), “to join rest of family” (24%) and “Insecurity” (19%).

  • Departures: people leaving the PoC were primarily going to Rubkona (57%), Guit (28%), and Koch (6%). The main reason for to leave the PoC was to “join the rest of the family” (52%).

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