South Sudan + 2 more

IOM South Sudan: Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness Update 48 (25 Nov - 01 Dec 2019)



● IOM continued with EVD screening in 17 PoEs it supports in Yei River, Jubek, Wau and Torit states. 17 PoEs were operational in this epidemiological week out of the 20 IOM supported PoEs.

● Lasu and Tokori FMPs remain temporarily inactive due to security concerns. DTM continues to operate 22 additional EVD-dedicated FMPs on the borders with DRC, Uganda and CAR, of which six are operated in cooperation with DTM Uganda on the Ugandan side of the border.

● Refresher trainings were carried out in Kajo-Keji and Yei to roll-out an improved kobo questionnaire for data collection. For the first time, the training in Kajo-Keji brought together enumerators from both IO and government controlled areas.

● The team conducted training for key informants on Leadership EVD awareness in Kerwa PoE reaching 20 Individuals, (15 men and 5 women).

● IOM continued to maintain WASH facilities and provide IPC/WASH materials at 12 PoE sites (Yei SSRRC, Yei Airstrip, Kaya, Bazi, Okaba, Salia Musala, Kor Kaya, Pure, Kerwa, Khorijo, Bori and Birigo) as well as 7 adjacent health facilities (Yei State hospital, Kaya PHCC, Morobo PHCC, Rodhoba PHCU, Kerwa PHCU, Panyume PHCU and Khorijho PHCC).

● Following the taking over of new PoEs, IOM conducted IPC/WASH assessments at Nimule Border Checkpoint, Nimule River Docking Site, and Nimule Airstrip. To ascertain the level of IPC/WASH in the nearby Health Care Facilities for referral from PoEs, IOM also conducted an assessment of Nimule Hospital.