South Sudan

IOM Post-Distribution Monitoring Report of S-NFI and WASH Materials - Lainya, Central Equatoria State (11 - 13 November 2017)



Post-Distribu on Monitoring (PDM) was conducted on 11-13 November, nearly one month a er distribution of S-NFI and WASH items in Lainya and Wonduruba conducted on 13-16 October and 9-10 November 2017. Targeted population are the most vulnerable (elderly, pregnant women, lactating women, female-headed families, people with special needs (disability)) amongst Returnees from Uganda and Kenya refugee camps, and affected population that recently came back from the bush. Although WASH and S-NFI items were distributed in both Lainya and Wonduruba payam, this PDM will only concentrate on five S-NFI items distributed in Lainya Payam and three of ve Bomas namely Lainya Center, Logwili, and Loka. Due to internal challenges, cooking set was not included in the items monitored. Bene ciaries of the SNFI items in the three bomas monitored totaled 2,689 HH (16,846 individuals).