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IOM DTM South Sudan Displacement Site Flow Monitoring: 1-30 April 2019


IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) interviewed 2,613 households representing 5,216 travelling individuals crossing into and out of Bentiu Protection of Civilians (PoC) and Malakal PoC site during April 2019.

Nearly two-thirds of new arrivals at Bentiu PoC site (63%) and over two-thirds of new arrivals at Malakal PoC site arrived from Sudan. Reasons for entry were mostly to rejoin families and to access services. People returning from and embarking on journeys travelled to Sudan in 12 and 24 per cent of cases for Bentiu and Malakal PoC sites respectively whereby trips over a week were more common amongst Bentiu residents (73% of overnight travelers) than for Malakal ones (54%).

Amongst interviewees, 130 individuals intended to permanently leave Bentiu PoC site of which over a quarter intended to move to other displacement sites in Uganda and Juba (28%) and of which 88 per cent reported leaving family members behind at the PoC site. Displacement Site Flow Monitoring (DSFM) has consistently shown more people to newly arrive at the site than to intend to permanently leave, which seems to contradict the decreasing population figures captured in DTM headcounts: a 13% decline between October 2018 and March 2019. Available data suggests that whilst increased mobility may have caused the site to host less persons at a given point in time, many residents are leaving temporarily more and those that intend leave permanently do so cautiously “with one foot in the site” without the entire family / household.

Whilst new arrivals were less common at Malakal PoC site, 133 individuals returned to the site after an absence of over six months of whom 80% arrived from Sudan.

By interviewing a cross-section of all people passing through the gates, DTM aims to provide partners and policymakers with a better understanding of movement dynamics and factors underpinning short, medium and long-term absences. Please note that interviews are conducted 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm at the sites’ main gates. Respondents are chosen randomly. Due to the large volume of flow, findings remain indicative only. The aim of DSFM is to provide an approximate traveler profile for the given month. Kindly consult headcount data for a better understanding of site populations and their evolution.