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Internews COVID-19 Media Bulletin: Reporting on COVID-19 in South Sudan, Issue #10


This bi-weekly bulletin is designed for and by media partners, journalists and other interested stakeholders in South Sudan reporting and working on COVID-19, and other related health and development challenges. It shares citizen concerns on COVID-19 and the humanitarian response, provides verified information about health measures of the Ministry of Health and partners and profiles trustworthy (re)sources and responses. It also shares citizen concerns on COVID-19 and the humanitarian response.

Letter from the Internews Lugara Team

Dear Lugara readers,

Internews in South Sudan has now been on the ground for 7 months, providing lifesaving information about the COVID-19 pandemic to at risk and affected populations, including to refugees, IDPs and those living in PoCs. With the publication of our 10th Lugara newsletter we would like to first say thank you for reading our bulletins!

Even though our project is coming to an end, Internews will continue to mainstream COVID-19 in to existing programs and interventions as part of the national COVID-19 response transition plan. We are eager to hear from you on how any future Internews newsletters could best serve communities and partners – please send us your feedback on what you gained from Lugara and other topics of interest we could consider.

Through the publication of the Lugara COVID-19 Media bulletins (you can find an overview of all our published resources below), we have sought to strengthen the quality of communications around COVID-19 and response mechanisms. We have collaborated with local media by building their capacity to gather, analyze, assess, and report accurate and timely COVID-19 related information. In this way Internews has ensured effective risk communication to affected populations, with the continuous support of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, our RCCE and humanitarian partners under the leadership of the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Taskforce Team. With special thanks to the South Sudan Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, CDC, UNICEF, IOM and the CCEWG for their support.

We strongly believe that it is not enough to simply deliver information – one also must, at the same time – listen and respond to the needs and concerns of the affected populations. We call this “two-way communication” and it gives community members a voice while also allowing local media, health partners and humanitarians to have a better information. We want to thank our media partners – Catholic Radio Network, SAMA FM, Voice of Reconciliation, Juba PoC and Melut Boda Boda Talk Talk information services, Advance Youth Radio, EYE Media and Eye Radio, The Radio Community, the Community Engagement Network and the Gok-Machar Youth Association – for their hard work and we applaud their efforts. In this bulletin you will find their work featured on all pages.

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, and I continue to urge our readers to be careful. As the WHO General Director stated “just because we are tired of the virus, does not mean that the virus is tired of us”! Just look at Europe and the United States where a period of calm has now changed to increased hospitalization, increased mortality and a complete stand-still of public life due to lockdowns. South Sudan can still prevent this scenario by following the prevention guidelines and advice of public health officials. Stay safe!

By Dr. Michael Tamiru Gubay, Health Communications - Information Saves Lives COVID-19 Project Manager, Internews South Sudan,