South Sudan

InterAction Mission Report: An NGO Perspective On The Response To The South Sudan Crisis


Since February 11, 2014, South Sudan has been operating as a Level 3 emergency, or a system-wide crisis. Upon the invitation of the NGO Forum of South Sudan, InterAction team members Julien Schopp and Patricia McIlreavy traveled to South Sudan from October 28, 2015 through November 9, 2015. Visiting both Juba and Nyal, the team reviewed humanitarian practice and policy issues, including inter-agency response leadership, NGO coordination structures, the implementation of L3 and Operational Peer Review recommended actions, access negotiations and constraints, and staff duty of care.

Key components of this review included gaining a better understanding of the field realities within South Sudan, especially the effectiveness and inter-linkages of coordination mechanisms, and the balance of these mechanisms with the implementation of a response. Specifically to the NGOs, InterAction staff attempted to get a sense of whether the NGO community was being engaged appropriately within the implementation of the Transformative Agenda.