South Sudan

Integrated Nutritional Anthropometry and Mortality Surveys: Aweil South County Northern Bahr El Ghazal State Republic of South Sudan - Final, April 2014



Introduction: Aweil South is a county situated in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal State of South Sudan. It was carved out of the southern portion of Aweil East and Aweil West counties in1999. It borders Aweil East to the north, Gogrial County to the east, Wau County to the south and Aweil West County to the west. Aweil South is predominantly inhabited by the agro‐pastoralist Dinka (100%) Panthou is the main town of the county located 35 km from the Aweil town state capital, The County consists of eight administrative payams: Ayai, Gakrol, Nyieth, Nyoch‐Awany, Panthou, Tarweng, Tiraliet and Wathmok. The population of the county is estimated to be 80,766 people with an average household size of 6.8 people.

In Aweil South, the march 2012 SMART pre- harvest Survey conducted by Action Against Hunger (ACF USA) found that GAM (18.4%) WHO WHZ and SAM rates was (2.7%). Since the exit of ADRA in late 2012, the County has had a gap in Nutrition treatment programs until recently when IRC started 6 0TP sites to offer treatment of SAM covering 7 payams. WVSS was implementing TSFP in 2 Payams of the county. The community is currently experiencing a serious hunger gap due to the result of concurrent drought, floods, and last year’s poor harvest as well as the current national conflict. An anthropometric and retrospective mortality survey integrated with food security, WASH and IYCF components was conducted from 21st -26th April 2014 by IRC in Aweil South.