South Sudan

Indian Veterinarians take ‘Heal and Educate’ Campaign to Malakal

Indian veterinarians have carried out a special camp to help local farmers and cattle breeders prevent disease and raise healthy livestock in Malakal, northern South Sudan.

The veterinarians, serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, have been running similar camps across the region and noticed during patrols to Malakal town that many animals required urgent medical assistance.

They liaised with the Agriculture Minister and the Director of General Agriculture in the central Upper Nile to organize the camp, which treated more than 350 animals including cattle, calves, sheep, coats and donkeys. The animals were examined, dewormed, and treated for disease. Mineral mix, calcium supplement and feed additives were also distributed.

Despite the existence of thousands of cattle in the town, there is no veterinary service available because of the ongoing conflict, which has led in a number of animals becoming ill with diseases and dying. This has in turn led to a reduction in productivity of farming activities.

The focus at the ‘heal and educate’ camp was to educate livestock owners about disease prevention and how to rear and breed healthy animals. The veterinarians and local cattle owners discussed how animal health can improve food insecurity in the region and make them economically independent.