South Sudan + 3 more

Health Emergency Highlights, May 2014, Issue #15


In this issue: The humanitarian crisis and cholera outbreak in the Republic of South Sudan; the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia; WHO’s work in emergencies at the World Health Assembly; and a technical briefing on ‘Health Care under Attack: A Call for Action’

Humanitarian crisis and cholera in the Republic of South Sudan

Situation highlights: humanitarian crisis and cholera outbreak

The Republic of South Sudan is experiencing a humanitarian crisis due to civil unrest. Recent violence has spread from the capital Juba, to the neighbouring states of Jonglei, Unity, Upper Nile and Lakes. Four other States are indirectly affected by virtue of population displacement into them.

In addition to the violence and insecurity, there has been an outbreak of cholera. The cholera outbreak is the main public health concern and has become an emergency within the emergency. Since the beginning of the outbreak on 23 April, 1500 cumulative cholera cases including 31 deaths (case fatality rate 2.1%) have been reported.

There are reports that thousands of people have been killed in the civil unrest and 1.4 million people have been internally displaced along ethnic lines. Over 360 000 people have fled to neighbouring countries. More than 4.9 million people are estimated to be in need of emergency assistance in this humanitarian crisis with 1.9 million people targeted with health services.

WHO graded this humanitarian crisis as a Grade 3 on 12 February 2014.