South Sudan

The Girl Has No Rights: Gender-Based Violence in South Sudan


The report seeks to shed light on the very difficult conditions shouldered by women and girls in the conflict-stricken country of South Sudan; not only as targeted victims of community-based and ethnic violence, but also facing extreme the hardship and abuse resulting from forced displacement, extremely high levels of poverty, and aggravated incidence of poor health, malnutrition and psychosocial stress amongst others in states marked by intense fighting and high concentration of affected civilians.

Rape, sexual, physical and psychological violence have proven to be regretful side-effects of violent conflict. In South Sudan, such grave abuses occur in a context where routine services, livelihoods strategies, key assets and protection systems have been disrupted or completely shattered. The denial of basic human rights, such as the right to life, safety and security of the person, health, shelter and education has made women and girls, among other social groups, particularly vulnerable to suffering diversified forms of violence, and/or enduring them as a survival routine.

The new CARE International report calls on donor governments and humanitarian actors on the ground to prioritize key actions to further respond and prevent GBV.