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Floods in East and Central Africa - Central Emergency Response Fund support in 2019-2020 (As of 11 February 2020)

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Between June and December 2019, heavy rainfall across several countries in East and Central Africa led to severe flooding and landslides, leaving more than 2.1 million people in urgent need of assistance in Djibouti, Kenya, Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda.

In response, CERF allocated US$40 million between December 2019 and January 2020, allowing partners in the six countries to deliver life-saving aid targeting 1.5 million people, including food, water, shelter and improved protection, sanitation, health and nutrition services.

Partners in Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Somalia received the highest amounts for flood responses from CERF since 2015.

In Somalia and South Sudan, CERF allocations were closely coordinated with allocations from Country-Based Pooled Funds which are also managed by OCHA.

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