South Sudan

Fire Risk Reduction Assessment of Vulnerable Internally Displaced People, Bentiu Protection of Civilians (PoC) Site, South Sudan, June 2019


Key Recommendations

Immediate Recommendations

• Determine who is responsible for firefighting within the PoC and formalize this arrangement in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

• Allocate sufficient resources to enable an adequate firefighting response given the fire risk profile of the PoC

• Agree on a protocol regarding the management and handover of fire scenes between UNDSS and IOM

• Agree on procedure for post-fire meeting to identify immediate fire prevention actions and activities

• Ensure that multi‐agency debriefs for serious fire incidents are held, and that meetings are recorded, and key learning circulated

• Separate high‐risk market stalls from the remainder of the market

• Remove storage of combustible material from shelters

• Implement a camp manager fire safety walk as standard practice

• Create a ‘PoC Community Fire Safety Team’ to actively promote fire safety messages within the site

• Implement the use of ‘rotary gongs’ placed around the camp to enable citizens to raise the alarm in the event of a fire

• Put systems in place to allow the water supply to be turned on in affected sectors in the event of a fire during the night