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Emergency Response for the South Sudan Situation Revised Supplementary Appeal, April 2014

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Information at a glance

Targeted beneficiaries under this Appeal

  • Up to 750,0001 internally displaced people (IDPs) in South Sudan

  • Up to 340,000 refugees in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan

Total requirements for UNHCR’s activities relating to the situation in South Sudan (January - December 2014)

  • USD 88 million in total including
    USD 426.5 million in total: o USD 237 million for South Sudan o USD 43.6million for Ethiopia o USD 29.8 million for Kenya o USD 98.7 million for Uganda o USD 16.9 million for Sudan

Main activities

  • Leadership and coordination of the protection cluster, co- leadership of the camp coordination and camp management (CCCM) cluster, and providing technical, material and operational support to the shelter/NFI cluster in South Sudan

  • Leadership and coordination of the refugee response in surrounding countries of asylum for refugees arriving from South Sudan

  • Protection intervention and monitoring in IDP areas with a particular emphasis on child protection, prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) against women, men, boys and girls, and community-based protection mechanisms for the most vulnerable

  • Provision of access to education as an essential protection strategy

  • Site management, coordination and monitoring in displacement sites in South Sudan

  • Provision of shelter and basic non-food items (NFIs) to IDPs and refugees in South Sudan, and to refugees in surrounding countries

  • Relocation of refugees from the border to reception centres and then onward to refugee
    camps/settlements in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

  • Establishment of new transit/reception facilities and refugee camps in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

  • Registration and documentation of refugees in countries of asylum

  • Provision of basic services such as education, water and sanitation and health in refugee sites