Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update - Monthly Report April 2019

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 14 May 2019 View Original


● In April, three new PoE screening sites were established and operationalized - Kerwa in Kajo-Keji county, Birigo in Lainya county, and Lasu in Yei county - which are all in Western Equatoria State. Currently, IOM is operating in 13 active PoE EVD screening sites.

● DTM interviewed 6,246 households comprising of 24,755 individuals who arrived in South Sudan from abroad along South Sudan’s southern border.

● The main regions of departure were Koboko (37.5% - Uganda) and Ituri (23.9% - Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC]) followed by Haut Uele (7.4% - DRC). Travellers most commonly intended to reach locations in Central Equatoria State Morobo (60.1%), Juba (8.6%) and Yei (8.3%).

● The majority are South Sudanese nationals (79.2%) followed by Ugandan (13.6%) and DRC nationals (4.4%). Most incoming movement was due to economic reasons (26.8%), health-care (13.6%) and return after voluntary travel (11.4%).

10.5% of individuals intended to stay at their destination for more than three months.

● During this reporting period, WASH completed construction of the medical waste management system including incinerators and waste pits at Panyume Primary Health Care Center (PHCC).

● WASH also established 2 stances of temporary latrines and 4 mobile handwashing stands, and provided IPC trainings to casual workers (screeners, cleaners, health hygiene promotors etc.) at all the three new PoE screening sites in Kerwa, Birigo and Lasu which were constructed in April.

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