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DTM South Sudan Wau Shilluk, Malakal County Biometric Registration Update | January 2017

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IOM conducted biometric verification exercise in Wau Shilluk from 16th to 26th January 2017 covering 5 bomas before it was disrupted due to insecurity in the area. Approximately 90% of the verification was completed with a total of 20,446 individuals / 6,115 households registered, covering 4 bomas out of the 5 bomas. An estimate of 2,000 - 3,000 individuals remained unverified from Padiet/Pathaw boma.

The previous registration was conducted in January 2016 with 20,409 individuals and 7,016 households registered. Since then, approximately 3,500 new arrivals were estimated to have entered Wau Shilluk. These new arrivals were registered during the recently disrupted verification.

Displaced individuals that left Wau Shilluk as a result of the recent fighting largely moved northwards into Fashoda County toward Kodok, with a smaller number believed to have moved directly toward Sudan. With the prospect of a food distribution further north, groups are believed to be moving toward Aburoc. With an ongoing threat of violence, it is likely that more civilians will continue onward to Sudan.