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DTM South Sudan: Wau PoC sites & collective centres – Population Count (Data collection September 2019)

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Wau Town features one Protection of Civilians (PoC) site and five collective centres in which IOM DTM conducts monthly population counts to monitor changing population dynamics and displacement trends.

In September 2019, the monthly count was conducted in Cathedral, Nazareth, St.
Joseph, Lokoloko and Masna collective centres where a total of 13,034 individuals were identified. According to the September count in Wau PoC AA, the population has increased to 14,706 from 13,042 individuals in the previous month. Please note that the August population figure for Wau PoC AA was derived from a biometric registration which was conducted that month and served as the best possible indication of the population at that point in time. Since biometric registrations or verifications are not feasible on a monthly basis, population counts remain the best possible tool during any other month. DTM teams access each shelter on a monthly basis and ask about the number of individuals (divided by sex and age) who slept there during the previous night to g

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