South Sudan

DTM South Sudan: Pulchuol, Jonglei State Intentions Survey and Multi-Sectorial Needs Assessment | December 2017

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IOM’s DTM and NFI teams carried out an intenons survey and multi-sectoral needs assessment from 25 October to 1 November 2017 in Pulchuol, Jonglei State.


Pulchuol is a payam located in the center of the Uror County (Jonglei State). Uror borders with Motoot in the Northeast, Pathai in the West, and Karam and Pieri in the East. Pulchuol Payam includes the four bomas Duol, Rupliah, Patuak and Nyakhor, which were assessed during this DTM exercise.

Between the end of March and early April of this year, conflict took place in Yuai, displacing its population which moved towards Pulchuol. As conflict also took place in Waat, people avoided that area and stayed in Pulchuol or moved to other locations, such as Akobo and east of Waat.