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DTM South Sudan: Naivasha IDP Camp (former Wau PoC AA) & Masna Collective Centre Population Count (September 2020)

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In September 2020, the monthly population count was conducted at Masna collective centre where 5,111 individuals/825 households were identified and Naivasha IDP Camp (former Wau PoC AA) with 9,573 individuals/2,694 households. The population of Naivasha IDP Camp increased from 9,295 individuals in August 2020 (increased by 278 individuals). Wau Masna saw an increase in its population by 186 individuals since August 2020. For more information on these trends, including where new arrivals at Masna collective centre were displaced from and on destinations of those leaving Naivasha IDP Camp, please consult the DSFM report.

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