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DTM South Sudan: Bentiu PoC Site Population Count (September 2019)

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As per the September 2019 population count, 115,960 individuals (16,938 households) currently live in the site. Whilst DTM observed a decrease of over 13,000 individuals between January and March 2019, the population has since seen a net increase of over 15,000 (15.5%).* DTM teams access each shelter on a monthly basis when feasible and ask about the number of individuals (divided by sex and age) who slept there during the previous night to get a snapshot of how many individuals reside at the site on the day of assessment.

As of September 2019, 148,769 beneficiaries are registered in the site and have access to services. However, recognizing that there have been significant population changes since the last biometric registration, IOM DTM conducts regular population counts to monitor population dynamics and displacement trends.

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