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Convoy of Hope Sends Aid to South Sudanese Refugees

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“The journey was so hard,” 17-year-old Kenyi told the UN Refugee Agency regarding her harrowing journey from South Sudan to Uganda. “The sun was very hot, and we had trouble finding food and water. Our uncle decided to turn back, but we continued on because we wanted to go to school.”

Since 2011, tribal conflict has displaced millions of South Sudanese people, causing one of the largest refugee crises in the world.

To date, an estimated 2 million people have been displaced inside South Sudan and another 2 million have crossed the border into Uganda, Ethiopia, or Sudan to find safety. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that 83% of those displaced are women and children.

In recent months, effects of the pandemic, droughts, and locust infestations have added to food security concerns.

With the help of our partners on the ground, Convoy of Hope is providing food parcels to displaced families. These food parcels help to provide food security and to stimulate the economy through local purchasing.

“The aim is to increase the resilience and health of vulnerable people and decrease the instability and stress that they face,” said Mackenzie Edwards of Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services team. “When our partners contacted leaders in South Sudan, their leaders wept because the need was so great.”

With your help, Convoy can provide food and other resources for those who can’t find such things themselves. Thank you for your generosity.

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