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The Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan undertakes consultations in Nairobi

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In line with its mandate that relates to accountability, reconciliation, healing and institutional reforms, the Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan is currently undertaking a series of engagements with leaders in the East African sub-region as well as various South Sudanese stakeholders, including civil society organizations in relation to the current crisis in South Sudan.

These engagements and consultations have also focused, in line with the mandate of the Commission, on the issue of criminal accountability for crimes allegedly committed during the ongoing conflict. As the Commission continues to undertake activities related to its mandate, it has taken a preliminary position on criminal accountability for first level perpetrators to be identified through ongoing investigations. In this regard, the Commission is leaning towards the creation of a hybrid court along the lines of the Extraordinary African Chambers in Senegal (HissèneHabré Tribunal) to be established jointly by the African Union and United Nationsshould evidence disclose commission of international crimes.

The proposal made by the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, on the establishment of a tribunal to try crimes that may arise from the current crisis in South Sudan thus aligns well with the preliminary position adopted by the Commission of Inquiry. Therefore, the Commission of Inquiry looks forward to future engagement with the United Nations and its agencies on this issue as its work evolves. The Commission of Inquiry and the African Union reiterate their full commitment to accountability and the fight against impunity on the continent.

Nairobi, The Republic of Kenya 15 May 2014

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