Chinese engineers level farm in Wau

from UN Mission in South Sudan
Published on 05 Mar 2014 View Original

5 March 2014 - To enhance food security at a local training institute in the Western Bahr El-Ghazal capital Wau, UNMISS Chinese engineers recently started leveling its farmland.

The “Sustainable Agriculture Project” at the Catholic Health Training Institute’s is aimed at improving food supply for students, teachers and local communities.

The farmland was uneven and close to a river, resulting in flooding during the rainy season and poor production of food. Last week, the UNMISS peacekeepers started to level the 25-acre farm.

“Leveling the farmland is very important (as) we can plant more horticulture crops for a better harvest,” said Sister Dorothy Dickson, director of the institute providing free training in nursing and midwifery for about 100 students.

“The flood mitigation measures will also reduce the incidences of diseases (like) malaria,” Ms. Dickson added.

The engineers also started digging trenches to let water flow from the land to the river.

“We will spend several weeks … (cleaning) up the farmland to ensure the good harvest in the next rainy season.” said Lt. Col Li Qingfeng, the Chinese engineering company commander.

The contingent was also planning to provide technical guidance for planting and donate vegetable seeds.