South Sudan

Case Management Handbook for Child Protection Case workers in South Sudan (1st Edition)

Manual and Guideline
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This handbook is written for all actors authorized to do child protection casework, including Government Social Workers and International or National Non-Governmental (NGO) caseworkers. It shows a structured approach to support children affected by violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect and address priority child protection issues uch s child marriage, sexual violence, children associated with armed groups, and unaccompanied or separated hildren. This handbook ummarizes and reinforces key messages and skills taught at the Inter Agency Child Protection Case Management raining. It does not replace training. All caseworkers should receive training before beginning casework. This handbook eflects global standards established by the Alliance for Child Protection and is a companion to the Standard Operating Procedures for Child Protection Case Management endorsed by the Case Management Task Force (CMTF) for South Sudan.