South Sudan

Beneficiaries reached by PAH’s mission in South Sudan in 2017

Polish Humanitarian Action’s mission in South Sudan has reported great improvements in all the projects’ activities in recent interventions across the country. The mission has helped to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable beneficiaries. l “There is a large population affected by South Sudan recent conflict in various parts of the region, coupled with natural disasters such as flood, food insecurity and diseases that put people’s lives at risk. Famine, malnutrition, lack of clean safe water, poor hygiene and sanitation, inadequate shelters and nonfood items remain important issues that should be addressed in South Sudan. PAH was able to reach communities most in need situated in the most remote and hard to reach areas to support their livelihoods improvement”, Head of Programmes, Beata Dolińska said.

PAH currently runs different projects under three main sectors including: food security and livelihoods (FSL), water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH), and emergency shelter and non-food items (ES/NFI). Each intervention was designed in a unique, self-effacing and flexible way, which has made it easy for the communities to benefit, adapt and sustain their livelihoods. “The mission has become accessible, reliable and affordable to many vulnerable persons in hard to reach villages of South Sudan”, said Head of program, Beata Dolińska.

Our activities in South Sudan

1) Food security and livelihoods (FSL)

The mission recently responded to the affected population of greater Koch following the devastating famine of 2017. “The support we received from PAH partners SOS Clubs and business people from Warsaw to run the Drought Response And Management in South Sudan (DREAMS) project has benefited 750 households”. The project at first assisted 750 households with varieties of vegetables and fishing kits. In addition, up until December 2017 the mission ran lead farmer field schools’ demonstrations as one of the new techniques to empower communities to have continued supply of vegetables regardless of the dry season.

According to the FSL Project Assistant Coordinator, Bejur Paul, the lead farmer field schools provide training for 30 lead farmers (13 males and 17 females) who will reach 180 beneficiaries in total on land clearance, fencing, digging of the land, setting up nursery bed, techniques on management of nursery beds and how to transplant seedlings.

“There was a progressive improvement in those communities involved in the implementation of DREAMS project. The training covered the use of treadle pumps and watering cans, which were manually operated”, he adds. Passing on those skills is an essential part of the process. These 30 heads of will now be able to pass on the knowledge to other farmers who were not involved in the demonstration, “communities are responding positively, are willing to learn in groups and appreciate the use of lead farmer field schools”, Bejur Paul reiterated.

With a secured extension of this project, an additional 250 households will be served with the same activities in 2018.

2) Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH)

In another intervention with the help from EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), PAH Water Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) team assisted the affected population living in Akobo, Yirol, Duk, outskirts of Juba City, Luom, Jiech, Kajo Keji and Pathai. The Project Coordinator of this large-scale project, Mogga Emmanuel, said the team improved the lives of 123,856 individuals through WASH related activities with resources from ECHO s. “We have also advised those individuals to treat their water before consumption and avoid contaminated water for their own safety”, Mogga added.

He further reiterated that PAH also supports WASH services to affected communities through its State Focal Point (SFP) coordinator position in former Jonglei State, which is supported by UNICEF. “ The SFP coordinator ensures that the WASH related activities in the state are moving forward, he oversees the implementation of activities conducted by the partners in Jonglei State (including maintenance and repair of water pumps, supporting core pipeline requests, etc.) ensuring that the overall assistance is provided to the population most in need. He also facilitates the global day events and conducts meetings with both local and international partners”, Mogga explained.

During 2017, PAH implemented three different projects in the WASH sector. With the efforts of our highly qualified technical experts in the field and with the support of the coordination personnel in Juba, the mission reached a total of 173,019 beneficiaries with its WASH activities. These projects were funded by ECHO, the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF) and private donors from Poland.

3) Non-food items (NFIs)

PAH also witnesses the challenges faced by displaced South Sudanese regarding emergency shelter and non-food items (NFIs). Most of the target beneficiaries lost their belongings due to looting during the conflict. To address this issue with funds received from the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF), Polish Humanitarian Action distributed plastic sheets, mats, kangas, set of cooking utensils, and treated mosquito nets. In two separate projects, supported from the same funding mechanism, the assistance reached 116,019 individuals through mobile interventions across South Sudan. At the distribution points, we cater for all individuals hence PAH committed to separate queues for different categories of beneficiaries namely men, boys, girls, women and vulnerable groups”, said Emmanuel Lumaya, coordinator of the project.


Throughout 2017, Polish Humanitarian Action’s mission in South Sudan alleviated human suffering with the generosities received from different donors, reaching a total of 293,536 beneficiaries ( 156,103 females and 137,433 males). The mission also drilled 8 boreholes and rehabilitated 40 water points to supply clean and safe water for communities. We are looking forward to continuing our mandate and to expanding our activities throughout 2018.