South Sudan

150 lepers in Jonglei state in need of food and medical assistance

February 22, 2016 (BOR) - About 150 lepers in South Sudan’s Jonglei state village of Malek are still calling for medical and more food assistance, Sudan Tribune has learned.

Leprosy, according to the online dictionary, is caused by Mycobacterium leprae, affects the skin and peripheral nerves in the brain and led to lose of toes and fingers among others.

The villagers are isolated, lack crucial assistance needed for human needs. The community spoke their grievances when they were visited by church-based organization, World Outreach Foundation, which supported them with little food and clothes.

Madhor Maker, said his community had suffered most, saying some members in their community were killed by the rebels during the crisis, as they were not able to run away as there are damaged by the diseases.

Food and medication were the top priorities the villagers had asked for.

“It was World Food program which supported us sometimes back, but since the war erupted, no food was bought to us. So they did not do anything,” said Maker.

Majority of them life under trees as they are not able to build houses for themselves, or cultivate some crops, according to Maker.

Treating Leprosy had not been possible in this area for decades now, and a lot of sufferers live with severe damages on the bodies while others died as a consequence. But Nhial Dhuor, the founder of world outreach foundation, claimed he assisted the lepers by treating the disease.

“We treat the leprosy and we supply them with food and clothes. South Sudanese in Australia are the ones who contributed this food and the clothes”, said Nhial.