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Unity’s Mayom County seeks to end cattle raids

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21 February 2013 - In an effort to keep inter-communal peace, Bul Nuer and Misseriya leaders said today in Unity State’s Mayom County that both communities would return cattle raided by the other to break the cycle of cattle raids.

Following several cattle raids and counter attacks since the beginning of this year, Mayom County Commissioner John Bol Mayak spearheaded a campaign for cattle to be returned to their original communities.

Every year, Misseriya nomads migrate to Mayom to graze their cattle, where cattle raids occur between the nomads and host Bul Nuer community. On 6 February, the Misseriya raided 773 cattle from the Nuer and, on 16 February, the Nuer raided about 400 cattle from the Misseriya.

UNMISS has assisted with meetings between the nomads and government authorities, which resulted in an agreement later in February that the Misseriya would return cattle raided from the Nuer. Commissioner Mayak also directed South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) in the county to collect cattle taken by the Nuer.

In addition, government authorities have announced that cattle raiding will be recognized as a crime and those apprehended face criminal charges.