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UN to have regular presence in Jonglei hotspots

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The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has announced plans to set up permanent bases for its peacekeepers in areas worst affected by inter-communal violence in Jonglei State.

UNMISS Force Commander Major General Moses Obi says the UN troops will have permanent bases in Pibor, Akobo, Yuai, Wolgak and Bor.

"Pibor was planned to be a permanent side of deployment in the current mission and we are now holding it. We are not going to leave it again. We will only adjust to care for what happens," Obi said.

According to Obi, Akobo is another proposed deployment base that would balance the Murle and the Lou Nuer.

"We are going to remain in Bor to balance the Dinka. So we have presence in the Dinka, Murle and the Lou Nuer communities. And then Yuai and Wolgak, we are going to have presence there because we expect a lot of activities to take place as these people go back," he added.

Obi also said the UN peacekeepers will remain in Likuangole and Gumuruk to support the SPLA and South Sudan Police Service keep the peace in these areas.

"We are helping out without trucks and whatever protection is needed. We are still prepared for any eventuality if it takes place. Three of the Bangladesh Battalion Armoured Personnel Carriers have moved to Likwangole on Saturday morning," said Vishwas Bahukhandi, the UNMISS battalion commander in Pibor.

The UN Chief in South Sudan Hilde F. Johnson lauded the UN peacekeepers for quelling the clashes in Pibor but urged them to remain on guard.