South Sudan Crisis Evacuation Update As Of 27th Dec

from Kenya Red Cross
Published on 27 Dec 2013 View Original

Following the South Sudan crisis and the subsequent evacuation of Kenyan citizens by the Government of Kenya through the Kenya Defense Force (KDF) and the Kenya Airways flights, the Kenya Red Cross Society continued its operations at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport. As of the night of 26th December 2013, the two flights landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with 16 and 42 passengers respectively from South Sudan making a total of 58 passengers received.

On 27th December 2013, four flights landed at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport with Kenyans evacuated from South Sudan. The flights had 96,116,93 and 100 passengers respectively which totals to 405 passengers.

Our Response

On site, four tents were set up. The first tent was for provision of meals by the Boma Hotels, the second was for tracing and the other two were used for psychosocial support. Kenya Red Cross provided tracing services in family links restoration (to help the evacuatees trace their loved ones through mobile phone service calling centres thus re-uniting with their families successfully), Mobile phone services at an onsite calling centre, psychosocial support services, and refreshments and meals from the Boma Hotel.

Immediately after the evacuatees alighted from the flights and got clearance from the airport, the Kenya Red Cross response teams received them at the arrivals terminal and directed them to the tent set up to provide them with meals and refreshments. After each individual finished their meal, they were then directed to the information tent where they would register for tracing services if they needed to.

The tracing desk recorded a total of 58 People on the night of 26th December 2013 and on 27th December 2013 a total of 270 people visited the tracing desk with 10 that remain open for tracing services because they are still searching for their families.

Afterwards the individuals who needed to make calls to a family member to inform them they were safe in Kenya got a chance to do so through the call centre using the 12 mobile phones donated by Safaricom with airtime worth Ksh.100,000. A total of 14 successful calls and 5 unsuccessful calls (did not go through) were made on the night of 26th December 2013. On 27th December 2013, 92 successful calls and 7 unsuccessful calls were made at the call centres.

The EMS ambulances were on ground and provided medical treatment and first aid to 46 Kenyans with minor ailments and injuries. Through KRCS in collaboration with the Kenya Psychological Association the individuals also had a chance to be debriefed and got counseling through the psychosocial team. A total of 174 clients visited the counselors and were able to talk about their experiences and got assurance, comfort and assistance in getting through the traumatic experience.

The KRCS response team comprised of a total of 42 personnel including 16 volunteers, 9 KRCS staffs, 16 staff from The BOMA and 2 paramedics from EMS ambulance.

Coordination and Partnership

KRCS in collaboration with the Kenya Airways, government ministries including Ministry of Devolution, Ministry of Immigration, and Special Programmes are responding to the operation. Other partners are the Kenya Psychological Association for provision of psychosocial support, Safaricom and Airtel mobile phone service providers, facilitating in communication services. Furthermore, the KRCS is continuously updating the public on the situation as it develops through its Social media channels that include the website, twitter and Facebook.

Gaps and Challenges

Ways of handling the affected victims for those who will not get relatives or a place to settle immediately.