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Refugee Surveillance Update (Maban and Yida) Epidemiological Week 7 (18th- 24th February 2013)

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  • The proportion of health facilities in Maban submitting weekly reports to the state and central level increased this week to 73% (16 out of 22) as compared to week 6 (see list of health facilities in Maban and supporting partners in page 2). Six health facilities serving refugees in Maban reported this week out of Seven facilities (Batil clinic supported by MSF Holland did not report this week), while reporting from facilities serving the host communities improved this week 10 out of 15 facilities reported (Doro SIM started submitting reports)

  • All three health facilities serving Yida refugee camp reported on time this week

  • Acute watery diarrhea was the leading priority diseases recorded in the refugee camps (50%), followed by Malaria (33%) and acute jaundice syndrome (11%).

  • Six hundred and thirty five (635) suspected Acute Jaundice Syndrome (AJS) cases (or Hepatitis E cases) and two (2) related deaths were recorded from Maban and Yida. Of these cases and deaths, 97% of cases and 100% of deaths were reported from Maban refugee camps, only 3% of cases were reported from Yida refugee camp. Of the cases from Maban, 52% were reported from Yusuf Batil, followed by Gendrassa (28%), Jamam (17%) and Doro (3%).The cumulative AJS cases recorded from Maban refugee camps was 7287 and 124 related deaths, while 168 AJS cases and 4 related deaths were recorded in Yida since the beginning of the outbreak till week 7

  • Two cases of suspected measles were reported from Doro Camp and Gendrassa camps.

  • There was no report of suspected cholera, VHF cases reported from all the refugee camps.