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Nomads community in WBG state start voluntary return to country of origin

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The voluntary repatriation of Ambororo nomads Community in Wau of Western Bhar-ElGhazal State to Central Africa Republic has started. The repatriation process is being organized by United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR), International Organisation for Migration (IOM), United Nations Mission in South Sudan(UNMISS) and other UN agencies with support from the state government.

The paramount Chief of Amborors in Wau Abu-Bakr Adam Mohamed Osman has told Radio Miraya that they are going to join their relatives in Central Africa Republic. He claimed that the living condition of Ambororos in Wau has been deteriorating since South Sudan gained independence.

Meanwhile the head of United Nations High Commission for Refugees in WBG state Alisa Karlatchiny said, the Ambororos are being moved from Wau to Mpoky area in Western Equatoria state where they will be handed over to the Ugandan Army to lead them to their final destination in Central Africa Republic.

Estimated two hundred fifty Ambororos have registered for voluntary repatriation from South Sudan. Twenty are moving to Central African Republic and the rest to Tulus area in Darfur.

The Ambororos have been in and out of Wau and other parts of Western Bar el Ghazel state for the past eight years.