South Sudan

New grazing rights deal between Warrap and Lakes state

March 20, 2013 (RUMBEK) - Three county commissioners from Warrap and Lakes state have agreed to share water resources without condition among their pastoralist communities.

The agreement was reached after Lakes state’s Rumbek North county’s Stephen Mathiang Deng and Cueibet county’s Isaac Mayom Malek met with Madhol Chol from Warrap state’s Tonj East county at the Mayom cattle camp on Saturday to discuss access to grazing land.

The commissioners strongly recommended that the two states share their water resources, which are essential for the survival of the thousands of head of cattle in the area.

Warrap state pastoralists will be granted permission to graze their cattle in Cueibet and Rumbek North in Lakes state, while cattle herders from Lakes state will be able to do the same in Warrap territory.

There have been several cattle raids and cross border attacks since between Lakes and Warrap since South Sudan became independent on 9 July 9 2011. The two states have held several peace reconciliation meetings to improve understanding and communication between the communities and decrease cattle raiding.

Mayom cattle camp is inhabited by the Gok Dinka and is shared between pastoralists drawn from the Pakam, Gok and Luang-jang Dinka sub-clans.