South Sudan

More helicopters needed to airlift aid to Jonglei-UN

More helicopters are needed to airlift humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the inter-tribal clashes in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

This follows the bloody Murle and Lou Nuer youth clashes that left scores of people especially women and children dead and others injured and displaced.

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, Lise Grande, told radio Miraya on Monday that lack of access roads to affected areas calls for more helicopters to deliver aid by air.

"In addition to the constraints that we are facing on access, we are also facing constraints on capacity," she said.

"In several of the places where we have to provide aid, there are no implementing partners on the ground. So, the capacity that is needed to man this kind of operation is going to have to be broadened. This is one our big constraints we are facing and we are trying in come that," Grande explained.

She says she fears that the situation in the troubled state might become worse if faced with revenge attacks, which Grande says is a real possibility.

"We have to expect there may be retaliatory attacks and as a result the people in other areas of Jonglei State are also going to need assistance," she said.

Grande, who is also the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General in South Sudan, says the ongoing humanitarian operation in Jonglei is the most expensive and complex since 2005.

She did not however disclose how much the operation is so far.

Despite these huge challenges, Grande says the UN is already providing humanitarian assistance to the survivors in Akobo and Walgak.