Japan Provides Grant Assistance of 120 Million US Dollars for Infrastructure in Juba City

from Government of Japan
Published on 17 Jan 2013

No: JP 01/13

The Ambassador of Japan, H.E Ryoichi Horie and Honourable Professor Elias Nyamlell Wakoson, Deputy Minister for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation singed the Exchange of Notes formalising Japan’s grant assistance in Juba on Thursday, 17th January, 2013. The Government of Japan has decided to extend the grant assistance of 10.7 billion yen (approximately US$ 120 million) for 2 infrastructure projects in South Sudan. This includes; (1) The Project for Construction of Nile River Bridge (8.1 billion yen, approximately US$ 91 million), and (2) The Project for Improvement of Juba River Port (2.6 billion yen, approximately US$ 29 million).

The Government of Japan regards the Republic of South Sudan as one of the most important countries for achieving the peace and stability in the region, as well as for Africa and the international community as a whole. Japan has always been encouraging the efforts by South Sudan in achieving peaceful solutions to various issues with Sudan and will continue to support such efforts.

The trade with neighbouring countries is crucial for South Sudan as a landlocked country. The existing Juba Bridge, being the only crossing point over the River Nile along the road connecting Juba and Uganda, does not have a sufficient structural capacity to accommodate increasing traffic volume and cargo load as it is only a temporary structured bridge. The rapid economic expansion experienced in recent years in South Sudan has further boosted demands for imports of essentials including food, fuels and services from its neighbours. In response to the request from the Government of South Sudan on more reliable means to across the river, the Government of Japan has agreed to construct a 560m two-lane permanent structure bridge.

The expansion of Juba River Port will also be a vital to enhance the economic development of South Sudan. The existing steel pier was also constructed by the Government of Japan in 2008. Due to the ever increasing volume of both cargo and passenger traffic in the inland water transportation in last few years, the limited cargo handling capacity at Juba River Port has restricted efficient and secure loading operations. This grant aid project aims to expand the existing port to 233m long with 7 berths permanent jetty. Capacity building support has also been provided to Juba River Port Administration (JRPA), which is in responsible of managing the port operations.

The Government of Japan strongly hopes that that the implementation of the two projects will be successful, and the new bridge and port contribute to the development of South Sudan and be remembered as a symbol of the friendship between Japan and South Sudan for the decades. (End)

For more information, please contact Ms. Kayo Imamura, Second Secretary, Liaison Office of the Government of Japan in Juba. (e-mail: kayo.imamura@mofa.go.jp)