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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 17 December 2013 - 7 January 2014


South Sudan: Ethnic violence which erupted in mid-December in the capital Juba has now spread northwards and is ongoing in several parts of the country. Three weeks of fighting have left at least 1,000 people dead and displaced over 200,000. As government troops advanced on rebel-held cities in the northeast, peace talks between the Government of South Sudan and a delegation representing former Vice-President Machar, have started in Ethiopia. Meanwhile, discussions between Khartoum and Juba regarding the protection of the oil fields in southern South Sudan are also underway.

Syria: The international community expressed serious concern about the humanitarian situation in Aleppo following heavy aerial bombardment by government forces on opposition-held areas in the city. The opposition National Coalition said it would not attend the planned Geneva II peace talks if the assault in Aleppo did not cease. One of the key components of the Coalition, the Syrian National Council, has now confirmed it will not attend the talks. Meanwhile, revised estimates indicate that the total number of people in need in Syria has increased to 9.3 million, up from the April estimates of 6.8 million, while the number of refugees fleeing the country has passed over 2.35 million people.

Central African Republic: The situation in CAR remains extremely volatile with violence still being reported in the capital Bangui and in the northwest. To date, the UNHCR reported that the violence in the country has now uprooted nearly 1 million people, a fifth of the population. Around 140,000 are displaced in and around the capital. IDPs are in urgent need of healthcare, food, water, shelter and sanitation. Meanwhile, all humanitarian partners continue to raise the alarm over rising levels of food insecurity that may further worsen if humanitarian aid is disrupted due to the ongoing violence.

Bangladesh: Deadly violence between supporters of the authorities and the opposition is ongoing in Bangladesh. To date, the opposition continues to dispute the 5 January elections whilst authorities refuse to compromise or discuss polls in which they secured a large majority. According to a local NGO, over 500 were killed in political violence in Bangladesh in 2013, mostly in clashes between police forces and opposition supporters. At present, the opposition is enforcing a new nationwide shutdown or strike that may result in further casualties.

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