South Sudan

Emergency support to displaced South Sudanese populations amid conflict

SITEREP 21 December 2013 - Following the ongoing clashes in South Sudan, including in the capital city of Juba, ACTED teams have deployed to conduct rapid needs assessments since 19th December 2013. In Juba alone, there are a total of approximately 30,000 IDPs residing in 2 settlements of UN compound: one settlement hosts about 20,000 people feeling the violence and the remaining stay in the smaller settlement. Many other civilian populations are displaced North of the country and facing dire basic needs as well as looking for immediate protection. In Juba, after 5 days settling in the compounds, displaced families have still left with no options to go back home.

Humanitarian agencies, including ACTED, are working to provide an emergency response to the dire situation. ACTED is in charge of coordinating the emergency response for both settlement areas and has begun working since 20th December 2013, providing thorough coordination to all humanitarian agencies and partners working in water and sanitation delivery, non food items distributions, food distributions, life saving health interventions and protection.

Our teams are focusing on these new developments, mobilized on the emergency response in Juba. Other teams in the ground North of the country have resumed their activities, while others have been heading back to the capital city.