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Deaths from UXOs increase in South Sudan

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Deaths from unexploded ordnance such as grenades and shells, are on the rise in South Sudan, said the UN Mine Action chief of operation, Robert Thomson.

9 people have died of unexploded ordnance in 2013 so far, compared to 5 in 2012, he said.

Speaking to Radio Miraya, Thomson attributed the rise to population movement, since IDPs and returnees are less likely to know the terrain.

“In last few months the accident have been increasing, what I would like to say, the accident are not landmines, they are UXOs. This why there are so many damage and so many deaths,” said Robert. “Landmines lives in area where military have been, UXOs unfortunately are spread everywhere and UXOs are usually on the surface where women and children can see them,” he added.

Thomas shared the report of the investigation into the recent Rokon Payam explosion, in which four children were killed, with the County authority.