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Congolese refugees receive food aid in Morobo

(2nd April 2013) - Congolese refugees in Morobo County of Central Equatoria State have begun receiving one month emergency food ration supplied by the World Food Program.

The Commissioner of Morobo County, Moses Simon Soro, said the food donation came following the increasing influx of refugees fleeing from DR Congo a few months ago.

Simon said that the county authority is admitting more refugee children to join primary schools while allocating agricultural land for them to begin cultivation.

“The refugees thank God recently there was food brought to them. So now that is like a pull factor and of course we are giving agricultural land for cultivation because this is a season of people going to cultivate. And of you know most these people are agriculturalists, so definitely that will attract them to come. I am sure they have been tripping. The numbers are increasing but I don’t know exactly how many are there. But I know the pull factor the food is already there. And of course we are giving land for them so they will settle. They are also joining school. Many have registered to Panyume Primary School,” he said

The commissioner noted that the situation in the area was relatively calm.