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China donates 200 – thousand US dollars for aid in South Sudan

(Jan. 23, 2014) The Chinese government has announced a donation of 200-thousand US dollars to go towards humanitarian aid for people displaced by the recent fighting in the country.

China’s ambassador to South Sudan, MA Qiang said the cash donation is in addition to a consignment of humanitarian items on their way to the country.

“Today an additional humanitarian aid of 200,000 USD will be transferred to the south Sudanese government, moreover, 3 million USD humanitarian aid materials are on the way to South Sudan, out of which nine containers of tents, mosquito nets and blankets are arriving Juba shortly. Further Chinese assistance towards humanitarian affairs is in the pipeline”

Foreign Affairs Minister Baranaba Marial Benjamin thanked the Chinese government for its support.

“We extend sincere thanks and appreciation for the tremendous assistance that the government and the People’s Republic of China has always been giving to the people of the Republic of South Sudan, we are extremely thankful and we will wish this relation should proceed and develop further not only politically but economically and indeed socially"