South Sudan

Assessment - Kapuri & Luri bridges on Juba - Mundri road


Date(s):27 April 2012

Location(s): Kapuri, Luri

Participant(s): WFP Roads Project Manager; Logistics Cluster GIS Officer

Security: Level 2


  1. Assess two damaged bridges (Kapuri and Luri), and evaluate the possibilities for repair.


WFP Roads Unit and the Logistics Cluster inspected two bridges, located on the Juba-Mundri-Rumbek road, which is one of two main road corridors in this area. Currently vehicles travelling from Juba to Rumbek and beyond must use the Terekeka road, as a result of the damaged condition of the Kapuri and Luri bridges. However, the Terekeka road is also in danger of closure this wet season; currently the Bahr Al Naam Bridge is closed, but culverts and a crossing have been placed to make it passable. If the wet season results in above average rainfall it is expected that this culvert crossing will be washed away. If both of these roads close, travel from Juba to Rumbek and Wau will only be accessible via the Yei - Yambio -Mundri - Rumbek road. The Yei - Yambio - Mundri - Rumbek road is also in need of repair, several sections of road are in poor condition and will likely take several days or more to travel during the wet season. Additionally, if heavy rainfall is experienced some sections of this route may temporarily close.