ACTED Newsletter #79 April 2012 [EN/FR]

from ACTED
Published on 24 Apr 2012 View Original


FOCUS South Sudan: A new crisis country


  • Mobile phones improve water resource mapping (Kenya)
  • Remote communities not forgotten (Uganda)
  • Food assistance still required on long road to recovery (Somalia)
  • Essential services provided to refugees (Niger)
  • Building wells is only a beginning (Chad)
  • Livestock: capital protection (CAR)
  • Water everywhere, but not a (safe) drop to drink (Pakistan)
  • When the community takes the lead (Afghanistan)
  • Overcoming the boundaries of poverty (Tajikistan)
  • Empowering Sri Lanka’s paddy farmers
  • Nias residents use disaster preparedness infrastructure effectively (Indonesia)
  • For sustainable access to potable water (Haiti)


  • Solidarités 2012: Convergences 2015 questions Presidential candidates