South Africa + 18 more

Southern and Eastern Africa COVID-19 Digest (23 Apr 2020)



  • All countries in Southern and Eastern Africa regions, except Comoros and Lesotho, have confirmed positive COVID-19 cases.

  • South Africa, the first country in the region to report a positive case on 5 March, has recorded 3,953 COVID-19 infections so far.

  • Somalia's fast surge in COVID-19 cases raises alarm, as the country's weak health system lacks capacity to respond. Djibouti cases are also increasing, with nearly 1,000 so far.

  • With the number of cases growing faster, most countries are extending or reinforcing containment measures amidst concerns of impact on economy and increased humanitarian needs.

  • Resources are urgently needed to scale-up the life-saving response and common services for the outbreak.


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