South Africa

South Africa: Vulnerability Assessment Committee Results 2018



An outbreak of avian influenza (H5N1) led to destruction of over 200,000 chickens, with some producers reporting losses of up to US$ 3.6 million. An outbreak of Listeriosis, traced to processed meats and contaminated processing facilities, caused the deaths of at least 180 people. According to a 2017 general household survey, the number of South Africans with inadequate or severely inadequate access to food stands at 13.9 million (25% of the population), of which those with severely inadequate access to food numbers 3.55 million (6.4%). This is the second consecutive year of decrease, from a peak of 14.3 million in 2015. South Africans with inadequate or severely inadequate access to food. The stunting rate stands at 27%.

The expected commercial maize crop has been set at 12,909 million tons - 23,25% (3,911 million tons) less than the previous season’s 16,820 million tons. Projected closing stocks of maize for the current 2017/18 marketing year stands at 1,778 million tons - 68,9% more than the previous year’s closing stocks. A projected export quantity of 2.16 million tons of whole maize is estimated for export in the 2018/19 marketing season, with zero import requirements expected.


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