Report investigates male smuggling from the Horn and East Africa to South Africa

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 30 Apr 2009 View Original
Description : The East and Horn of Africa has been characterised by mixed migration flow of migrants fleeing conflict, poverty, natural disasters and in search of better opportunities to improve their livelihoods. Most of the migrants from this region migrate from Ethiopia and Somalia and move through the northern routes towards Europe or southwards towards southern Africa. prompted by the up-coming 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the study was initiated to assess and profile human trafficking and smuggling to wards South Africa in search of employment and exploitation of cheap labour.

The key findings in the report that covers seven countries documents the dynamics of the abuse and exploitation in the smuggling of male migrants from the East and Horn of Africa to South Africa (RSA). The report also highlights the methods of recruitment, modes of transportation and corruption among government officials that collude with the smugglers The magnitude of the migration through the eastern corridor of Africa towards the south is estimated by the author to be around 17,000 to 20,000 men per year, bringing in an estimated gain of 34 to 40 million US Dollars for the smuggling business.

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