World Vision Somalia: Situation Report | October 1 - October 30, 2019

from World Vision
Published on 30 Nov 2019 View Original

Key messages

• Overall situation: Heavy rains have been experienced in Somalia. The Ethiopian highlands where the river Juba and Shabelle originate, have experienced high water levels resulting in flooding in Banadir region, Jowhar in Hirshabelle and Ceel Cade, Jamame in Jubaland and some locations in South West State. 547,000 people have been affected, of whom 369,000 are displaced in the southern areas. In the north, coastal areas of Bari and Nugaal regions are affected.

• The rains and flooding have destroyed infrastructure and livelihoods. The community infrastructures such as houses, irrigation canals and roads are damaged. Livestock has been lost and agricultural production has been decimated.
More than 10,000 hectares of crop land has been damaged. Latrines have also been destroyed resulting in an increased risk of water borne diseases.

• The federal government has constituted a task force that is supporting the humanitarian partners in coordination of the response.The humanitarian partners and local authorities have scaled up response to the flood affected communities.

• Food security: The country was already ravaged by drought prior to the floods and the displaced people, mothers and children are now facing serious hunger risks especially in areas receiving little humanitarian assistance due to inaccessibility.

• Malnutrition: With the onset of the floods, more than a million children under-5 years are projected to be acutely malnourished.