Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin, Issue #14, 1-8 April 2011

Situation Report
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Key Overall Developments

Conflict and displacement

Mogadishu: Sporadic fighting between the African Union Mission in Somalia/Transitional Federal Government (TFG) against Al Shabaab resulted in the death of at least 17 civilians with more than 70 others wounded, according to ambulance services and hospital sources in Mogadishu. During the week, the standoff between the warring factions around Bakara Market eased and the market partially opened for low-profile business activities. The closure of the market from the previous week affected the livelihoods of many urban poor who depend on the market to earn their living either as porters or for small-scale businesses.

Lower Juba region: On 3 April, fighting occurred in Dhoobleey town between Pro-TFG forces and Al Shabaab with the former capturing the town. Unconfirmed numbers of people were killed. Some of them died due to lack of medical care, while more than 15 others were wounded. Reports indicate that at least 4,500 families (27,000 people) were displaced to the outlying villages, of which some 500 families reportedly fled to the Kenyan town of Liboi. The majority of the residents are said to have fled the town pre-emptively.

Gedo region: On 6 April, Al Shabaab attacked Ceel Waaq which remains under the control of pro-TFG forces. Reports indicate more fighting is imminent and could trigger new displacement. UNHCR says that a total of 32,800 displacements have occurred countrywide since 23 February. Of these, 23,000 were due to insecurity and 7,770 were due to the drought. The majority, 17,700 were from Mogadishu with 8,300 leaving the city and 9,400 moving to relatively safer areas of the city.

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