Urgent support needed as Somaliland fire leaves people unable to feed their children

Islamic Relief are supporting aid efforts in the aftermath of a devastating fire in Hargeisa, Somaliland on 1 April. 28 people were injured amid the blaze, and hundreds of businesses were destroyed.

The fire broke out in Waheen Market, destroying businesses and surrounding buildings as firefighters struggled to bring it under control.

The market was the economic centre of Hargeisa, accounting for 40-50% of the city’s economy.

Thousands of people have now lost their livelihoods and are struggling to afford the costs of everyday life.

To make matters worse, food prices in the area have shot up, leaving many people unable to feed their children.

In total, the fire has caused over $2 billion in losses and affected over 500,000 families.

Vulnerable people urgently need your support Islamic Relief are on the ground and providing financial support to affected businesses.

We have longer-term plans to help local families rebuild their lives and livelihoods and will be supporting efforts to rebuild the market.

We will also train local communities to help prevent fire incidents in the future.

We desperately need your support to help vulnerable families in Somaliland and beyond: please donate to our Global Emergencies fund.