UNPOS response to Inernational Crisis Group article on Somali Transition

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Mogadishu--22 August 2012. The recent ICG Statement "Somalia: From Troubled Transition to a Tarnished Transition?" (20 August 2012) correctly points out that the on going process is flawed and imperfect in many ways and a great deal of work remains to be accomplished in a short amount of time if Somalia is to move from transition to transformation. However, this is only one side of the story and the report fails to examine the entire picture. The piece is also factually inaccurate on a number of counts and the general pessimism expressed simply does not comport with the current mood and general sentiment here in Mogadishu. The Somali capital is a city of fresh paint, new windows, a vibrant commercial sector and a sense of hope and excitement. And this is not a groundless optimism--business is booming and Somalis everywhere have many reasons to look to a brighter future. Scores of diaspora, leaving behind secure environments and comfortable jobs, have returned to be part of the new Somalia.